Thursday, April 19, 2012

GMO labels (Turkey)

GMO labels for products coming
Hürriyet Daily News (Istanbul)
April 18, 2012

Turkey’s Minister of Agriculture Mehdi Eker gave the green light to label products from animals that have been fed genetically modified feed such as corn and soy. This is one of the conditions that Green Peace Turkey has recently been pushing for.

Meat, milk, eggs, cheese and other products derived from animals, which have been fed genetically modified organism (GMO), will now be labeled to provide consumers with a choice when purchasing products.

Consumers have a choice

“Until today there were no labels on products of animals fed with GMOs and this took the choice away from consumers. With this announcement our minister not only filled a legal void, but also showed that we can be a leader in the region and the European Union,” said Tarık Nejat Dinç, head of the Greek Mediterranean Agricultural Campaign to news portal NTVMSNBC. Dinç hoped that going forward, the legal changes would continue in as quick and determined a fashion.

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